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These are the beasts that are in love...

Dumb, Blind And Horny!

30 June
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a global threat, adicts, afi, against all authority, against me!, agent orange, anti-flag, armin van buuren, avenged sevenfold, bad religion, barenaked ladies, beach boys, bela fleck, big d, billie holiday, billy joel, billy talent, black eyed peas, black flag, blackflag, boston, bouncing souls, boyz ii men, brad paisley, brian setzer, bruce springsteen, bryan adams, cat stevens, catch 22, cheap sex, chicago, choking victim, coheed and cambria, creedence clearwater revival, daft punk, dead kennedys, descendents, devotchkas, dick dale, dresden dolls, dropkick murphys, duran duran, el pus, ella fitzgerald, enemy you, flogging molly, foreigner, franz ferdinand, frenzal rhomb, frou frou, funeral diner, genesis, gogol bordello, grinspoon, inxs, jackson 5, james gang, jimmy buffet, jimmy eat world, joe walsh, katty whompus, keith urban, kelly clarkson, le tigre, led zeppelin, led zepplin, leftover crack, less than jake, liam lynch, living, mad caddies, maroon 5, marvin gaye, mdc, mike jones, millencolin, misfits, mu330, muledeer, muse, mustard plug, my chemical romance, nofx, none more black, oleander, one dollar short, patti smith, pennywise, pink floyd, planet smashers, propagandhi, queen, rage against the machine, ramones, rancid, rascal flatts, reel big fish, rftc, rise against, rob geer, rocket from the crypt, savage garden, screeching weasel, sex pistols, skalariak, smokey robinson, stephen lynch, stevie wonder, stiff little fingers, stray cats, streetlight manifesto, strike anywhere, subhumans, sublime, suburban legends, suicide machines, sweet, system of a down, ten foot pole, the alkaline trio, the aquabats, the clash, the distillers, the eagles, the four tops, the gorillaz, the killers, the kinks, the miracles, the pixies, the postal service, the shins, the supremes, the temptations, the unseen, the white stripes, tiesto, tiger army, tsunami bomb, van morrison, weezer, ye wiles